10. January 2008

Reykjavik Internet Marketing Conference 2008

The 2008 RIMC conference (8th of february - 2007) will focus on Internet marketing and advertising, and the possibilities created by employing a structured promotional approach and focused advertising campaigns.

The speakers will be international and Icelandic experts in media and marketing.

H.E. Mr. Björgvin G. Sigurđarson, the Icelandic Minister of Trade will deliver the opening address.

RIMC 2008 is ideal for anyone who works in, or is interested in, business on the Internet. The conference will appeal to marketing and advertising people, web editors, sales- and marketing managers as well as directors of small and large businesses.

The registration fee for RIMC 2008 is USD 450 if attendance is confirmed before January 24th. After that date the fee will be USD 800.

RIMC 2008 is organized by Nordic eMarketing and Arvakur to celebrate the 10th aniversary of the news website mbl.is.

The RIMC Exibition
The RIMC EXPO will also be held in conjunction with the RIMC conference. Numerous companies will be exhibiting their goods and services in connection with advertising, publicity and the Internet. The event offers an excellent venue for peer-to-peer networking and a unique opportunity to learn about the latest developments in marketing and advertising. For further information and to register for the expo, send an email to expo@rimc.is. Only a limited number of exhibition stalls are available.




Dennis R. Mortensen, COO IndexTools, will will speak on web analytics and its importance in measuring website success.


Graham Hansell, who has worked with Times Online and The Sun, will speak on the changing attitudes of advertisers with particular reference to the use of web analytics tools.


Mel Carson, Microsoft adCenter Community Manager - Europe discusses how best to use PPC (pay per click).


Steffen Gausemel Backe of Aftonbladet will speak on how advertisers are increasingly starting to use content rich websites to get their message across.


Dixon Jones, an Internet marketing consultant from the UK, will discuss methods of reaching specific target groups. Jones has worked as an advisor to the 'British association of internet advertising agencies'.


Ólafur Nielsen, web analyst from the Internet division of mbl.is, will talk on how mbl.is has benefitted from the measurements available through IndexTools and which information advertisers need.


Joost Valk and Hubert Diemel from European media giants Wegener will discuss how it's possible to link together various forms of media, for example, newspapers and the Internet, and use their different individual strengths to improve overall results.


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